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Legacy Wealth Management’s mission is to serve our clients’ financial needs with integrity, wisdom and clarity. With you as the focus of our attention, we first listen, then endeavor to provide objective, tailored advice and management. We seek to instill confidence in our clients so they may enjoy life and their pursuits, and we aspire to be a trusted, long-term financial partner, accomplishing our clients’ goals with present and future generations in mind.

Trusted Partner

Registered investment advisors go by many names, including investment managers, financial advisors, wealth managers and so on. While a firm’s name may be different, the fundamental service is typically the same: investment management. We believe investment management provides an essential solution for individuals and families of wealth, but is only a single-focused part of a family’s overall wealth strategy. For Legacy Wealth Management clients, we believe our responsibilities exceed such a narrow definition and limited relationship, and includes effective administration across many distinct financial roles involving taxation, banking, estate planning, real estate, risk management and others. When viewed as a strategy, we believe wealth is a trusted partner that provides families the freedom and peace of mind to venture alongside their life’s passions. In other words, wealth management is not about building portfolios, but enabling lifestyles.

“Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.”

Three generations

The early 20th Century quote above, often attributed to Andrew Carnegie, means the wealth created in the present generation is usually lost by the third generation. Life cycles are not defined simply within a corporation or single person, but includes a family and even wealth. There are instances when wealth doesn’t seek a second generation, thus execution of one’s wealth strategy is simplified. To reach subsequent generations, however, requires financial literacy through ongoing education, understanding family history and embracing family values.

We began by sharing our belief that wealth management extends beyond investing. While Legacy Wealth Management has decades of experience assisting clients with their investment needs, we seek to go beyond money and legal structures to help you achieve the freedom and flexibility to live into your passions today, and for generations to come.

What can we do for you?

We believe performance matters, but is often second to meeting client and portfolio objectives that do not fit a standard performance benchmark. In other words, we are flexible to your needs.

Let’s discuss your future

Face-to-face works best for us. We want to know all about you and your life goals and dreams. Only then can we help you plan and reach your future.

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