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The success of any investment strategy is first knowing your financial objectives. We will test this objective against market history and conditions, as well as explore your risk tolerance, to determine our ability to properly meet your expectations. Before an account is created or funds received, we both will understand your goals and hold a reasonable expectation of achieving them. 

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From their uniqueness, our clients span the efficient frontier of return and risk and typically take advantage of our decades of experience in fundamental research in selecting individual stocks and bonds. In the right circumstances, however, we will also engage trusted partners, who focus their expertise in areas we don’t view as our core competency, such as international investments, or where a portfolio may have limitations that doesn’t allow prudent diversification. In these cases, we will consider all investment tools at our disposal that enhance our ability to achieve your goals, while maintaining your risk parameters. The structure of our managed portfolios will vary, even within families with multiple generations, due to objectives, size, prevailing economic and market trends and other factors.

We do not rely on technical charts or black boxes and we are not momentum investors who simply follow the herd. Among the goals of our security selection process is to spot trends before they are readily seen by the overall investment community, conducting research to find the best companies available to benefit from that trend. In other words, it is determining what will be on page one of The Wall Street Journal tomorrow, that is found on page fifteen today.

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