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Family Wealth Planning

Wealth affords many opportunities, but also creates new and sometimes substantial challenges. As family wealth accumulates, the greater the need for a partner to join you to develop a comprehensive, long-term strategy for managing your wealth. This may range from creating a family mission statement to establishing charitable giving options. At Legacy Wealth Management, we will help you develop a plan that is objective, personally tailored and focused on intelligently managing your wealth, whether across only your lifespan, or over multiple future generations.

An integral part of establishing the trust of an effective relationship is to know you and your family. By understanding your mission statement, in other words, the values, goals and priorities important to you, we go beyond the numbers to focus on crafting financial solutions to help ensure the financial security of your family across generations. As such, we will work with your network of professionals, or introduce you to independent and complimentary services across a spectrum of tax, legal, trust and custodial services, and estate planning. How may we help you move forward today?

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