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Legacy Wealth Management, LLC is a fee-only wealth advisor, serving clients throughout the South, as well as Texas, Colorado and New York.  Our firm collectively possesses well over fifty years of investment expertise, along with other complimentary disciplines we believe necessary to effectively manage your financial needs. We believe wealth serves you best when considered within an overall strategy and, most often, the focal point of this is the investment discipline. As such, we strive to provide our clients with personalized investment advice, customized portfolio management and exceptional service, for a reasonable, transparent fee.

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For decades, portfolios have been battered by so-called market pundits’ assertions that the market is different this time. Because of the infrequency of this, we do believe conditions change over time requiring flexibility and conviction to successfully navigate these changes. In part for this, and in part due to the uniqueness of our clients, we don’t utilize predefined investment models, black boxes or charts. While this may run counter to how many firms invest today, we believe our hallmark investment approach of analyzing and selecting individual stocks and bonds, one by one, has withstood the test of time from the days of Benjamin Graham, Philip Carret and Philip Fisher to today.


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